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Having fun in the office

Having fun in the office is always is important to everyone at PLH. We get to laugh, relax, and make work as enjoyable as possible! Our team all get along and get chances to bond and create friendships.

Having Fun in the Office

Team members can decorate their desk areas with personal decorations which boosts morale and sense of being. Special occasions warrant an early mark where we can enjoy an afternoon at the pub or a team lunch. We have a table tennis set on our boardroom table where we have had multiple fun occasions with challenging each other, always ending up in massive laughter. Our team bonding days are so much fun, filled with different activities such as time zone, bowling and the most recent was sky diving. Footy tips have been a challenging event for us all. At the end of the season, we get to see who wins and take half the day off with a long lunch wearing our jerseys.

I love to keep the team in suspense on different occasions, it makes the wondering so much fun.

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