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The big question: What do I have for lunch today?

The big question: What do I have for lunch today?

If you don’t work in an office, you might never understand the thought processes that go through your mind in the lead up to the magic lunch break. Accounting firms are no different.

Some people are just naturally gifted in being organised and have a perfectly packed lunch each day. Some have yet to develop that skill. Either way the question is asked every morning, by the same person, and now if they don’t ask, I’m like HELLO?! I’m having tacos for lunch – why haven’t you asked me yet! It has become part of the office workday. I need this question to function.

Ahhh it’s the big life question isn’t it. Do I eat healthy today? Is a sandwich healthy enough? I only have 17 minutes left – Sh*t! A pie will have to do!

Now, the second big life question, where do I eat said lunch?! In the board room in the AC? Or should I get outside in the fresh air? Yeh I should probably get some fresh air outside, in the driveway, because there is no eating area outside but dammit to heck, I need that vitamin D! 3.2 minutes in the sun go by, nope, I am melting into a pool on the ground. It’s time to go back inside, to do my job and repeat this process tomorrow.

First world problems? Probably. We take our food seriously!

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