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How to call your Debtors

The fastest way to fix your cashflow crisis is to call your debtors. Let’s be real though, no one wants to make those phone calls. Here are some steps to ensure your call results in debt being paid.

How to call your Debtors

Step 1 – Preparation

Before any calls are made, ensure you have all the correct and relevant information. Contact name, phone number, amount outstanding, date of invoice, number of attempts to receive payment and what the invoice is for.

Step 2 – Make the call

Identify yourself and it is important to confirm you are speaking to the correct person. If there is no answer, leave your name and number but not the reason for the call.

Stay calm and professional and try to detach any emotions you may have. Listen, and do not argue. Stay firm in your reason of calling, and sometimes saying nothing has a better effect than words. “I need your payment by Friday” Pause. Silence can sometimes be enough pressure.

Step 3 – Having the debt paid

When you have confirmed payment is overdue, ask for payment in full. Offer a payment over the phone via credit card, or bank transfer. If these are not possible, get an agreement of payment date and later get this in writing if you can.

What if they say they cannot pay in full? Offer a payment plan, but on your terms. Start with offering to split the payment in half with two specific dates. Offer weekly payments as opposed to monthly. This will help your cash flow.

SMS or Email

You can try sending statements via email or SMS leading up to the phone call. A phone call is most likely going to get an immediate response!

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